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MAD Technology Solutions, LLC Managed Services
MAD Technology Solutions, LLC will provide you with management consulting services to assist you and your business with the proper implementation of technology including the following:
MAD Technology Solutions, LLC Bulleted Item CIO4U
CIO4U is a management consulting service geared towards the small business owner and/or manager. Providing access to seasoned business and technology individuals with years of experience to assist you in the overall and effective use of technology to match your business goal and objectives.
MAD Technology Solutions, LLC Bulleted Item Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
We have partnered with Just Get Backup, LLC to provide you with superior service for disaster recovery and business continuity planning. For additional information and to utilize their services, please visit their web site by clicking here.
MAD Technology Solutions, LLC Bulleted Item Project Planning and Management
Providing oversight, guidance and disciplines for the planning, organization, securing and management of resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives.
MAD Technology Solutions, LLC Bulleted Item Vision and Strategy
Working side-by-side with your decision makers as a member of the team to assist in the process of defining organizational direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue the direction. Services provided with deal with the organization's future course and the answers to the three key questions: 1.What do we do? 2. For whom do we do it? and 3.How do we excel?
MAD Technology Solutions, LLC Bulleted Item Vendor Evaluation and Selection
Providing independent and expert analysis through a structured process in evaluating and approving potential suppliers and vendors through factual and measurable assessment. The end result, your business deals with a portfolio of best in class suppliers and vendors providing goods and services meeting and surpassing your own operational and financial goals and objectives.
To learn more about our management consulting services, or any other service offering, please feel free to contact MAD Technology Solutions, LLC at your earliest convenience.

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